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Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Random

Random Session of Obsolete Anonymous: This is a must read. No, I don't think the print industry is going to come crashing down any time soon. But think of all the sci-fi novels out there, have you ever read one where the characters read paperbacks? Ever?

We know what the future looks like. E-books or their spawn will one day rule the literary world. Once they have an e-reader that can do it all. I'm interested.

Random Quotes: "Chain link fence is not cover during a fire fight."
How many years of military training do you think it took for him to figure that out? And, yes, this was from a live conversation not a book.... if only *sigh*

Random Post I LOVED This Week: Go Beyond the Red Shirt - How to Kill a Character.

I read this list and started mentally checking off the characters I've killed in Twisted Metal: parents, a nurse, a pregnant lady, one soldier dies of burn wounds, another is poisoned by the FMC, and.... gosh, I think that's it for chapter one. There are some incidental background deaths, but none the MC is involved with. I don't hit the 100 Corpses count until at least chapter six. And every one has a name and a reason for dying.

Granted, the main reason is there's a civil war going on, but it's a Reason! And nearly all my character deaths pass the Red Shirt test.

Random Modern Marketing: All ready for your book launch party? Do you have your iPhone App out?

I don't own an iPhone. In fact, my cell phone is so neolithic it doesn't even get txt messages. But you can drop it to the bottom of a lake, smash it with a rock, and bury it in mud for a week and it will still work. I'm at the stage in life where I want durability, not frills. But iPhones, iPads (I still hate the name), and Apple in general are still a huge chunk of the market. So why not see if your website designer can also create an iPhone App for you.

Or cruise over to Popular Science and learn how to make your own. It's not cheap, and not an afternoon project, but I think that might be on my To-Do list should I ever get a Mac.

Special Shout Out to the Orlando Writer's League: Thanks to Marie and Jessica for helping me with the Airport Problem. You ladies are awesome!


  1. They read both paperbacks and ebooks in Star Trek. Does that count?

  2. That will count. I'd forgotten they had paperbacks in Star Trek. Shows you how much I paid attention to the show :P

  3. Yes, we've been watching all the Next Generation series. Fun, fu. :)

  4. iPhone apps for your book!?? That is SUCH a cool idea. But I don't have an iPhone either.

    No random again this week. :( I think I have random block.

  5. Glam- I don't think I own a single episode. I may have to look into buying the DVDs.

    Amy - I was thinking an app to link to your website, or a page where the user can download your tour schedule, sample pages, and buy e-books.

  6. I think it's neat that we're on the tipping point of this big change. It's like the introduction of computers, and look at how that changed the world. This is a new interesting area where many things will now be possible.

    But I still love my paper books the best and always will. *hugs books*