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Monday, April 26, 2010


I'm not sure if this is the regular unplug week for the rest of the blogpsphere, but it's the week I need to unplug. It's the last week of April and I'm behind on most of my goals. The 90/10 rule says that a writer who isn't expecting a book to hit the shelves in the next few months should spend 90% of their time on writing work and 10% advertising.

With setting up new blogs and catching up with old friends I've more than spent my 10% of the month on the internet. So this week I'm turning the blogs off, ignoring the internet, and catching up on my writing.

If I get caught up before Friday, I'll check in. But that would assume I have a massive burst of frenzied writing that was coherent enough to count. In other words, don't bet on it. I'll be back in May!


  1. Good luck! Most of us need to remember that percentage. :)

  2. Wise Woman. I should try to unplug more regularly as well.

  3. Good luck and have fun! Ditching the computer now and then should be mandatory! :D