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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snowpocalypse 2010

Since you asked... this is what it looked like yesterday while I was blogging. Snow was still coming down, this was just the first hour. I think we wound up with about six inches. That doesn't sound like much, but stores close for flakes that don't stick. Snow on the ground is the end of the world down here.

When it looks like that outside the puppies sit like this inside. This is their response to me opening the door so they can go play. Look at that enthusiasm! They just weren't having with the cold and snow and blah. It took sending the kids out the play for the dogs to brave the cold.

And even then, they didn't stay out long. Boerboels are warm weather dogs.

Snow covered all my pretty bushes. I'm hoping they survive.

There was snow on our poor, much-abused, sapling out back. There was even enough snow a snowman. We built a 12 inch version last year with a baby carrot nose and seashell eyes. This year we were able to build a full-size version... well, as tall as Small and Pink. Full-sized carrot and two eyes made out of coal. The morning after, the snowman is still standing.

I think it's time to move south.


  1. P.S. Sorry, the house is a mess! I did finally get it all cleaned up but the picture is just sloppy. the dogs are cute, but the background is cluttered.

    It's usually not that bad. :o)

  2. A clean house is a sign of a bored mind. :)

    Wow for all that snow!!! There's nothing here. Nothing on the ground but dead grass. This winter is weird.

  3. Isn't snow fun? Maybe, if you're not used to having it linger for four or five months a year. ;) Nice that the kids got to make a snow man and with a real carrot nose, even. I'm impressed.

  4. Speaking as someone who lives in West Michigan... I kind of have snow envy this year.

    See, we usually get a ton of snow (called "lake effect" around here) because we are right on Lake Michigan and the air collects moisture as it passes over the great lake and then it dumps on us once it hit land (science lesson for the day, kids...).

    But this year we've hardly gotten anything... and Texas has even had snow issues!

    I just wanted some days where everything would shut down and the madness of this hectic world (ducks completely OUT of a row!!) could settle for a little while. Is that too much to ask for?

  5. Your pups are just adorable - look at those faces! :-)

    I'll admit to being jealous of all the places around the country that are closed down due to snow. We have...a lot (there's probably 3ft. piled up on the yard after shoveling), but around here, life just goes on. My dogs are short haired too, but they love to go play as long as it's not too cold (ie, above 20 or so).

    Your snowman is just cute. :-)

  6. Thanks Liana! I didn't notice anything else but the dogs' faces. They're so adorable. :)

    Be glad you don't have a cold weather dog. My guys go outside and lay in the snow and refuse to budge. They get annoyingly restless when the house is too warm.

    *stares at j.m.* I'm over here on the east side of the state and we got hammered with snow this past week. I know. Because I had to drive long distance to work in it. :[

  7. Glam - Obviously the weather changed states. You should have snow, I should have dead grass. Let's switch back. *eager nod*

    Jean - Snow shuts this entire state down. No school, the stores are closed, the power has a tendency to go out, we're just not ready for it. All in all, I could do without.

    J.M. - I'll share my snow day with you if the kids can come play at your house. :o) For the record, 2 of the 3 years we were in Texas we had snow. Not this much, but still snow. Usually in the late spring.

    Jamie - Under 32 degrees and the town shuts down. We have no snow plows or ice. And the dogs think the kids are crazy.

    Catherine- These two are warm weather pups all the way. They like to lay outside in the sunshine during the summer but they aren't interested in the snow.

  8. The snow is finally melting! The snowman has been attacked by children wanting a last minute snow ball fight, and I'm hoping spring is on the way.