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Saturday, February 6, 2010

In the Mood for Love Submission Festival

... not mine. I'm not an editor or agent. However, the talented Nephele Tempest from The Knight Agency is hosting a submission festival next week. I believe this is for finished manuscripts only. Here are the rules:

I'M IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE Submissions Festival

You can pitch me: any novel that falls within one of the genres I represent (list below), as long as there is some sort of romantic relationship in the book. It does not have to be the focus of the book; this does not have to be a romance novel. But most novels have a little flirting or romance in them, even if it's not the primary subject, so this is going to include plenty of projects.

Accepted genres: Literary fiction, contemporary/mainstream fiction, women's fiction, historical fiction, romance (including contemporary, historical, paranormal, and romantic suspense), young adult fiction (no children's or middle grade please), and urban fantasy.

I will be looking for ONE paragraph pitching me the book itself, and ONE paragraph about you--including real name and an email address where I can contact you, and any background info you feel is important. That is it. Two paragraphs, no more. I'm going to be trying to get through everyone's posts within just a week or two, and so short is golden. If you write too much, I will be more likely to tell you no.

One project per writer, please. Also, if you currently have a query for this project with The Knight Agency, I ask you do not participate in this festival. If you pitch to me here, however, and I send a rejection, you can still try the agency again at a later date.

The Festival post will go up 8 am PST on February 8th, and will stay up until 11:59 pm PST on Sunday, February 14th. That post will include the information above, as well as more specific information on posting your pitch.