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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Protest Against Literacy (a tongue-in-cheek post)

Really, my critique group should not be trusted alone without adult supervision. And by adult I mean someone over age 90 with the imagination of a half-brick and the sense of humor of a slug.

Anything less and we get random posts like this:

Books are too dangerous to be allowed out in the public. Protest Against Literacy keeps dangerous books away from people.

What if all those newspaper reporters actually wound up educated? Can you imagine what would happen? Where would we get our star-studded gossip fix if the news media was reporting facts? Ha! Who can live without Paris Hilton?

And children? Think of the damage to the video game industry if children learned to read. Handfuls of programmers out on their ear with no way to make money and pay rent. The idea is just shameful!

Goodness only knows what would happen if people found out about *gasp* healthy eating and excercise! There are BOOKS about that, you know.

Very dangerous, in my opinion. Completely unsuitable for modern standards of living. Backwards notions about fresh air and imagination. Absolutely savage!


We now return you to your regularly schedule reality.


  1. Ha! Thank god the public doesn't know about books, just a select handful of bloggers who know how to handle them...

  2. Rhiannon - So true! All those cartoon animators would be out of work if kids found out you could read a book and have fun!


    <-- Me, who clearly needs to get some more sleep before posting on the blog ;o)

  3. "Handfuls of programmers out on their ear with no way to make money and pay rent."
    Oh yes. We definitely want to protect those poor programmer's ears...
    Kidding! Sorry, I like to make fun of typos. I loved this post. I swear.

    And the picture! :D

  4. Scott - Isn't "out on their ear" the right phrase? Slightly outdated, but I thought it was right. Ah, well, such is life. I'm glad you enjoyed.

    Yuna - :o)