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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm back!

*hefts sniper rifle and focuses the scope*

Why, hello 2010. How are you doing?

*gives an evil chuckle*

I have plans for you, poor, sweet, innocent year that you are. So many plans. %-)

*notices readers and shoves rifle behind her back trying to look innocent*


How were your holidays? Did you get a nice break? Get any nice presents? Cookies? Want to share?

Welcome to 2010!

My holidays are officially over and I am back!

Still slightly dazed and mildly concussed, possibly, but definitely in the writing chair again.

December was my worst month for writing since I started writing in all seriousness back in 2006. Way back when I filled my free time with mountains of library books and hours wasting away in virtual MMOs. I wanted to write. I had a story from high school moldering in a notebook.

I did the math and decided that if I typed just a page a day I could transfer my 500 pages of handwritten novel to a computer and edit my very first novel! I was so excited. From there I thought I just needed to run a quick spell check and all my worries would be over.

After all, there was bound to be a literary agent in my area who would be so thrilled to see an author walk through her door (kid in tow) that she would buy my novel on the spot! Right?

*waits for the laughter to die away*


Yes, I was really that naive. I might as well have tried writing my query in sparkly pink pen.

Luckily, I didn't try to find an agent right away. I typed up the novel, did a Google search, and stumbled across the always fabulous Miss Snark. From there I joined an online critique group. And... yes, here I am. Still writing. Still editing. And still bouncing around like the plot whore I am.

Quick, rewind to 2008 and this post retiring the ViS series. My baby, and my second novel.

I cried.

I sobbed my little brown eyes red.

And then I moved on to write several other novels and short stories in 2009.

Things went well. But the novel I was cleaning and polishing for publication lacked the sparkle I think it needs. UDS is a great book. I think everyone will like it.

But, that's the problem, isn't it?

They'll LIKE the book. They won't LOVE the book. It's the difference between the nice guy in your history class in 9th grade who you liked talking to and the demi-god/dess you are currently attached to. The geek in 9th grade was a good friend, but you can't strut him around like a 9 carat diamond and make everyone else in the city jealous.

UDS is bland.

ViS has punch.

And, more importantly, it has a fan base demanding the return of various characters. I've been sneaking in ViS short stories over the past few months.

Now I'm going back to the original series, brushing off the dust, and working on a deadline to get the story cleaned.

To what end?

I have no clue.

My 2010 goal remains 312,000 words written by November 1st, 2010.

I am not planning query letters this year. I am not saying I will write one, or two, or ten books this year. I'm not even saying I will have seven short stories published by March.

But I have found a focus for 2010. A greater goal that drives my smaller one. I want a beautiful, shiny, sparkling novel at the end of 2010. And the first victim for this process is going to be part of the ViS universe.

So.... what are you working on?


  1. Just typing can be cathartic. Enjoy the transfer. I'm working on my final edits before querying. Different parts of the MS are with various Betas. I've already had 4 read the whole thing. It's getting close. I can feel it. Can you feel it?

  2. You've come so far, written tons and should be very proud!

  3. Ice! Ice! Whoohoo!

    It'll help keep the dragon at bay. Heehee

    *hides dragon summoning crystal behind back*

  4. Hi Liana! I am working on the same novel I gained representation for last January. I'm working on some elements that were pointed out by several editors as things that needed to be improved, and I'm hoping I can start submitting to publishers again at the end of this month or early February.

  5. Lotus- So true. Nothing is more relaxing than conjuring an entire army to vanquish. And, yes, I can feel it!

    Rejection Queen- Thank you!

    Angela- I'm happy, but I want perfection. I may have to squish that desire before the query. Perfect is a very difficult goal to reach.

    Yuna- Go distract the dragon! Actually... I fed Ice to the Beta Beast last night. Poor boy. I feel kinda guilty.

    Anne Riley- That tenacity and stick-to-it-iveness is what will get you published though. :o) I have trouble with plot fidelity. When the going gets tough, I run. But I'm watching your blog closely (read: lurking) to see how you do it. Make us proud!