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Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Random Giveaway Edition!

Random Quiz of the Week: What's your true passion?

So true! I love to learn. Especially if it's about books. Or gift cards.... yes, I'm a tease. I know!

Your True Passion is Learning

You feel most alive when you are deeply immersed in a subject. You have many intellectual curiosities.

You are a true lifelong learner. Your learning doesn't stop outside of school. If anything, you tend to learn more outside of school!

You have many intellectual interests, and you sometimes feel like you have time for them all.

If it were up to you, you would all spend your time reading, studying, discussing, and thinking.

Random Life Event that Sound Like An Opening to a Horror Novel: Wednesday my friend called up. She's walked into her house after a long day to blood splattered around the house.

Since she has four dogs our first thought was they'd been in a fight. Until she found the hand print. Someone broke into her house, possibly already bleeding (no blood on the dogs' mouths) and then jumped her back fence leaving a nice blood trail.

But nothing was stolen, so the police aren't going to do anything.

Do you think the Teddy Bear did it?

Random Number of the Week: 5!
That means Z. Newnham wins the gift card if I counted the entries right. I went through and assigned a number by the post where each person listed their favorite quote.

Z - e-mail me at liana(dot)brooks1(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll send you the Amazon gift card.

Random Plan for Friday Afternoon: I'm going to Eldest's class and teach them how to make paper hats and decorate them for our Mad Hatter Tea Party in honor of Lewis Carroll (who turns 278 today, or would, if he were a vampire).

I dunno, his picture's kinda creepy. I could see him having that whole Dorian Gray thing going on. Anyways, what is he holding there? Remind me next time to not let the teacher pick the art lesson. I leaving off at a quick lesson in geography, and then on to the crazy hats!

Random Writing Check Up This Week:
Go me! I met my daily goals all week long. :o) The current weekly word tally is 4965. I plan to hit 7k by Saturday night. Thank you to all my friends on CC and the Twitterverse #amwritingparty for the much needed encouragment on Monday :o) You rock!

So..... What's your random?


  1. Lewis Carrol looks like Gene Wilder, if you ask me. WHERE, I ask you, are the Ooompa Loompas? Did Teddy get them?

    I was getting a dual degree in Biology (not even specialized!) and English. I decided to drop biology and just get an English degree because (get this) I thought it would be more useful.

  2. To not be so random and get a plan in action.

  3. I agree. The bear did it. How scary for your friend though! So glad no one was home and nothing was stolen.

  4. Blog award for you! http://marywjensen.blogspot.com/2010/01/picasso-blog-award.html

  5. Wow - freaky for your friends! I'm glad the dogs weren't hurt/let out.

    Congrats on meeting your goals! :-)

    And Lewis Carrol is creepy looking, which explains a lot about Jaberwocky...

  6. My random is...chocolate is a good supplement to breakfast on a Saturday.

  7. A tea party sounds sweet.

    The bloody hand print, on the other hand, sounds like the making of a mystery novel...

    You have a great word count going. I say write on!