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Thursday, December 24, 2009

NORAD Santa Tracking

The whole idea of NORAD tracking Santa Claus by satellite started in 1955. A misprint in a Sears ad. A little girl calling to talk to Santa. And an Air Force Col. with imagination and a good heart. It's the start of a perfect (albeit geeky) Christmas story.

You can read the story here on CNN or here on the NORAD website.

Have some fun with the kids (or grandkids, or nephews and neices, or random neighbor kids who broke in to steal the TV and cookies) and introduce them to the high tech world of sci-fi via Santa Claus.

"Here, kid, isn't it cool that Santa is being tracked by satellite? Would you like to read more about it? This book is about a little boy who uses a satellite to stop an alien menace!"


  1. That's a great thing to know about. I knew they took calls, but it never occured to me (having no kids) that NORAD had gone online with the Santa tracking.

  2. We used to call when I was little. I think it's a fun activity to keep kids busy and excited during the day.

    Even if your kids don't believe in Santa (mine don't), it's good to know that someone is making the holiday special and NORAD isn't tracking missiles today.