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Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays, y'all!

I'm about to take off for two weeks of family, friends, fireworks, and (if all goes according to my sneaky plan) beaches!

There won't be regular updates until 2010. I figure all of you are off either trying to survive the scary shoppers, or spending time with people you adore. In light of that, I'm sure we can save the questions on flesh-eating bacteria until the new year. If I do stop by, it will be with fun news, pictures, or posts.

But, before I go. We have some awards.

Ten Honest Scrappers:
1. Write, Edit, Revise (Katie Salidas)
2. A Walk in My Shoes (Susan R. Mills)
3. Inkfever (Amy Laurens)
4. The Variety Pages (Jamie Debree)
5. The Character Therapist (Jeannie Campbell)
6. A Novel Idea (Anna Claire)
7. Nayu's Reading Corner (Jessica Pitcairn)
8. Tess Hilmo (Tess Hilmo)
9. Finding My Voice (Barb Ettridge)
10. The Words of a Writer (Evelyn Granerie)

Five Super Scribblers:
1. Lotus Rising (Louis Moss)
2. Nayu's Realm (Jessica Pitcairn)
3. Krista D. Ball's Zombie-Free Blog (Krista D. Ball)
4. Merc Rants (Abby Rustad)
5. Eisley Ellipses (Eisley Jacobs)

WINNERS: Absolutely nothing is required of you. This is not a chain letter. It isn't a game of tag. If you'd like to publicly admit you won a blog award, great. If not, I totally understand. If you want to use this as an excuse to give us some facts about you, fantastic. If you're rolling your eyes, I forgive you. This is just my way of saying I think you're all fantastic writers and fun to read.

Whatever part of the globe, whatever season you're in, enjoy the next two weeks and Happy New Year!


  1. Have a great holiday. I've already started mine...kind of. I officially start on Monday.

  2. Well put on the winners disclaimer. I may have to borrow that myself if I get another award.

    Happy holidays!! Enjoy the rest of 2009. :-)

  3. I hope all your sneaky plans work out. And have a fabulous holiday!

  4. Have a great Christmas enjoying your family and the BEACH!

  5. Have a wonderful holiday - thank thanks for the award. I enjoy reading your blog as well! :-)