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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I might be crazy,,,

Back in high school I knew some families that were a little bit odd. The weird kids who brought lunch everyday, whose mothers stayed at home, and who ate pancakes rather than cereal.

I thought the moms were wearing dresses because they forgot it wasn't 1940 anymore....
Today I'm wearing a skirt because all my jeans are in the wash and it was a skirt or beach shorts.

I thought only women popping prozac-filled bonbons woke up early to make breakfast....
Today I was up at 6 to workout and make breakfast. I wish I were mainlining prozac but it turns out I'm doing this because cereal is $4/box and won't feed the family for more than two days. Less, if Small and Pink gets her way.

I thought people with time to bake homemade cookies had too much free time...
Today I whipped together some cookies while I made pancakes because I don't have time to go to the store to buy some before the party Saturday. That's right, Saturday. I'm a bit busy this week.

I thought only the clinically insane would opt to stay home with screaming children instead of having cool, high-paying careers...
I figured out years ago that cool, high-paying careers are few and far between and daycare is *expensive*. I'll stay home and write the Great American SF Novel and pocket that $800/month instead. Thanks.

I thought anyone over 21 was old...
Today I realized I'm only a few years shy of thirty and no one alive will ever mistake me for a teenager again.

Ten years ago I thought I could have a Ph.D. and a career as a supermodel by the time I was 25...
I'm still 5'4" and only have a bachelor's degree.

I'm not quite sure what happened to the woman I planned to be when I was 17. I was planning on fast cars and James Bond dates, not a minivan and three years in the perpetually flooded Alabama. But, this morning, I realized I might be that crazy mom that all the kids in school look at funny. But I'm happy. And I make good cookies.

The point I guess I'm trying to make is: It's okay to be who are.

When you go to write today, don't try to be the next Stephen King, JKR, or Maya Angelou. Be yourself. And enjoy the time you have.


  1. Great post!! I needed it today. My husband and I laugh often about our previous plans when we were young and knew everything. You know what? Neither of us planned on ever being married or having kids! We are so happily married and we have 3! kids!! :0)

  2. Life takes you where it wants, and sometimes you end up in places you never dreamed. As long as you're happy, there's no reason to chase old dreams.

  3. I love it and its so true! I have a kid with special needs and even at full time 10/hour I would put more out in babysitting and gas than I would bring home. Plus, he wouldn't have that special attention. I'm bragging a bit here, but my Down Syndrome kid is operating at normal levels for "normal" kids. A huge part of that is that I'm home with him and the whole family (he's the youngest of five) is expected to play with him, not just shove food in his face or leave him in his walker.

    I may not be the next JK Rowling, but I will be the next happy mother :) PS I make a mean cookie too, although I can't cook worth beans!

  4. Some dreams are clouds, some are the kind that feed your soul. You've discovered the difference, it sounds like. Keep on writing and enjoying stay at home momhood. That's got to be the most worthwhile thing you'll ever do, even if your kids won't notice it until they have kids of their own! :)

  5. We are who we're meant to be, which is often better for us than we realise.

  6. I totally agree with Amy A. Cook's comment above! Life puts you where you need to be - and when you're happy, just go with it!

    I also wanted to tell you that I left an award for you on my blog! (Bc I enjoy yours so much!)

  7. Kristi- There are still dreams I chase, but I know it won't happen soon. Growing older I realize that I have time. When I was younger I thought it had to all be done before I was 25 or something terrible would happen.

    Amy- Too true.

    Leona- Good for you! Be proud of your son :o) And... I actually cook better than I bake. I have 3 cookie recipes I can get right. The rest baffle me. Something about measuring ingredients? I'm terrible at following directions.

    Writtenwyrd- Beautifully said.

    Yuna- Agreed

    Sara- Thank you! I promise to stop by soon! I'm running around like crazy and stealing 15 minutes of computer time while I eat lunch. This week is crazy.

  8. Reconciling who you are with the person you thought you'd be: scary contemplations. I'm looking forward to hearing about this great American SF novel. I'm just starting to get into sci-fi myself. Great blog.

  9. I hopped over here from Sara's blog - congrats on your award! It looks like an awesome blog. I'll be back! :)

  10. Rhiannon- Sci-fi is fantabulous! I'm so glad you're trying it out.

    Shannon- Welcome to the blog :o)