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Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Random

Random Addition to my Christmas List: The Norwegian Death Ray because it's a pretty blue color. How can you not love it?

Random Interesting Fact of the Week: When you're tired chemicals of the brain trip over and produce a chemical that makes you hungry even if you aren't. The article that cited this (and that I can't find the link to right now) said this means if you go from tired to hungry, instead of eating, go to bed. Drink a glass of water and sleep.

This is very important for all of us slaving away on novels we want finished by January and who have too many cookies within easy reach.

What the article didn't say is what you should do if you can't go to sleep because the kids are awake. I can picture calling my doctor...

L.B. - Hi, doc, I'm exhausted! I'm trying to get eight hours of sleep but something's wrong.
Doc - Oh. Right here's the problem. You have a case of Chronic Kids Syndrome. It'll clear up in about 25 years. Until then, suck it up!

People who write scientific articles about sleeping don't have children.

Best Bumper Sticker of the Week: "Go, go, grocery getter!" on a minivan.

I want one that says: My other car is a Norwegian Death Ray.

Best Real Christmas Song this Week:
Penguin, James Penguin by Brad Paisley (look it up!)

Best fake Song of the Week from Bethy:
We three rays of mortality
Sent to CC's own Ladyv
Agents shudder
Publishers stutter
Editors flee from the scene.

They'll accept her manuscript
If they don't, they're the first hit.
Readers, kneel! (at
her) mass market appeal!

My name on Critique Circle is LadyV ... it's a long story)

Random Writing Progress: I'm almost to 60k in my NaNo novel. Sad, I know. But, I have an excuse! I'm working on sci-fi settings for the Bookshelf Muse run by the talented Angela, and I polished and submitted a short story this week.

If you want to check out what I'm writing and what I'm writing click on the Works in Progress tab above. :o)

So.... what's your random? Carols? Writing? Swedish Death Rays?

P.S. Dear Santa, Pretty please can I have a big blue spiral death ray? Even if it doesn't work, I like the pretty color! KTHXBY! L


  1. 0 writers with opinions? Really? I thought we were an opinionated bunch.

    As promised, I am here to serenade you! Aren't you happy? :-D

    *searches through song book*

    Up on the rooftop zombies claw...

    Nope, that's Merc's. Umm...

    Ah! Here we go:

    It's beginning to look alot like Doomsday

    Everywhere there's snow

    And, since it's cold, Liana's keen

    To shoot her death ray beams

    Right up at the North Pole!


    Um, yeah. A work-in-progress...

  2. Bethy you're brilliant! :D

    So funny :)