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Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Random

Random Thing I wanted to do This Week: Start a seahorse ranch.

I love saltwater critters. Just about everything in the ocean fascinates me, and I miss my big reef tank we kept in our last house. We sold off the coral when we moved and haven't set a new saltwater tank up.

But while I was browsing the ecology news I saw that people are starting to breed seahorses for sale rather than harvesting them from the wild. This is a Really Good Thing. And I think I'd like to try seahorse ranching once we settle down somewhere for more than a year.

Random Writing This Week: I wrote a short story and two acts of a play. And I'm playing Pin the Opening on my current WIP. I've written about five variations of Chapter 1 for UDS. None of them are quite right. But I'm getting there. It's certainly improving the body count. %-)

Random Blog Thing That Needs to Get Done:
Updating my WIP column. Ugh...

Falcon War is being retired for a bit. I like it, and it almost got published, and then the journal folded. Grrr! Published Author is going to get retired rather permanently. To many in-jokes I think.

That seems to be my major failing with short stories, I write them for my own amusement and they aren't well suited for any publication. Seventy is the one exception, I wrote it with a target editor in mind and even though it didn't make that anthology Seventy was picked up by another editor very quickly.

As soon as I have free time that will get done.

Random Thing That Made Me Laugh:
A sign on a formal dress shop: Free Groom Half Price Ring Bearer with Wedding Gown

I don't even know where to start with that. It finished with a kinda creepy little short story. Fun, but weird.

Random Question of the Week: Give me some books to read!!!!

My TBR pile has gone from toppling over to nonexistent and I'm looking for some new series to love, adore, and read. I like action, I like to laugh, I like good tactics and solid characters. If the heroine gets her guy in the end (or vice versa) that's good too. I'm not a huge fan of slow-builds or crying.

What should I read this weekend?


  1. Hmm, since I'm rather new to your blog, I'm not sure what you've read ... probably a lot! So, sorry if you've already read these or considered them and decided against them.

    I recently read Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys and enjoyed it. Thought the characters were hilarious and the plot was paced fairly well. I also loved Michael Chabon's The Yiddish Policemen's Union. It's a witty and literary alternate history/detective novel. Also, have you read the Jasper Fforde Thursday Next series? I read a few of those books several years ago but haven't read the most recent.

    Hope you find something you like! Have a good weekend.

  2. Seahorses are amazing creatures. Definitely have them when you can!

    I long for the day I can have chickens.

    Random writing: Muse is speeding up with DD, and decides to use main character (but not used as POV in that or this wip) from IT. I have no option to obey.

    Random blog thing that needs to get done: post on awards. I have um 2 or so which I really need to hunt down and post up this weekend.

    Random thing that made me laugh? Trying use my glasses case as a mouse. Happens frequently at work.

    Random Answer of the week - seriously, check out my blog. If there are any you like, email me and I'll ship them to you!!!

    Random Question of the week: how many anime episodes will I watch this weekend?

  3. CLK- I have read Thursday Next, like the premise but some of the language in the first book was a bit of a turn off. I'll go hunt down the other two.

    Yuna- Seriously? Books for me? Yay! I'll go look it over.

  4. L - Yes. Seriously. You get books so quickly that consider me as a library. If you like anything, mail me!