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Monday, August 24, 2009


Girls are home safe. Thank you for the well wishes and prayers.

What happened, according to the teachers, is a Grandma wanting to spoil her four adorable grandchildren drove by the school and picked them up off the bus in the morning. So, instead of going to class they went with Grandma. Attendance was called, four kids were missing, Mom was called. Mom says, "They got on the bus." Bus drivers says, "They got off at the school."

And county-wide panic ensues when the bus drivers are put on alert and start calling all their well meaning friends. Well meaning friends start a chain reaction of calling everyone they know and... well... mass hysteria, lock downs, denials from the school board, and what generally gets reffered to later as a "PR Crisis".

Less than 240 days until we move to a new school district...


  1. Seriously? that must have been so stressful!! I'd strangle grandma right before I hugged her for loving my kids so much. haha

    Glad any real crisis was averted. (ps. is that how you spell averted?)

  2. That's how I spell averted... whether it's correct or not I couldn't say today. :o)

  3. ...I hope she learns the lesson of the story here.

  4. wow that's crazy! grandma wasn't thinking was she. well meaning but seriously...