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Saturday, May 9, 2009


I saw an article (I forget on which blog) about inspiration earlier this week. Last night, very stuck on Chapter 19, I decided to try and make an inspiration page of things that relate in some way to my story.

The photos are pretty random I guess. I collected images that tie in my own mind to the story and probably mean nothing to anyone else. Especially the black and white one with armor on. I love his protective look.

Bonus points for anyone who can guess the major themes of Under a Dark Star. :o)

None of the artwork is mine, so this is just staying up for a little bit. And never going anywhere to make profit unless the artist signs a contract and is getting their fair share. Copyrights belong to respective artists. Used with permission where contact could be made with the respective artists. In other cases, the art is used under fair use laws or part of a online art sharing gallery.


  1. Very cool! I particularly like the one in the upper right corner with the girl and the angel.

  2. I think that's Eros and Psyche by Marta Dahlig.


    She does beautiful art.

  3. Beautiful, L. I do this with powerpoint. :D

  4. Great work! Um, relationships and weapons?

  5. This is really creative. I like your ideas.