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Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Random

Random Rumor of the Week: Just to confirm, yes I am pregnant. He's our third and he's due the first week of August. So don't expect me around much at the end of July. :o)

Random Doubleplusunfun of the Week (with a nod to George): Being left behind while everyone else in the family is at a wedding/reunion up north. Everyone keeps telling me how wonderful it must be to have nothing to do but lounge around and relax.

First, there is plenty to do from gardening, to cleaning, to writing.

Second, this is mind-numbingly dull. I have no kids to entertain me, no husband to talk to, and it's made worse because they're having fun and doing cute things without me around. I don't handle boredom well. I'm out of books to read, stuck in the editing trenches, and I want my family back!!!

Random Progress of the Week: I've resisted the temptation of running off with a new book and finished chapter 18. Chapter 19 is looking a little better. And then I have to edit, something I dread.

Random Plan for the Weekend:
I have a 25'x30' plot of ground turned up for a garden. But it's... chunky. Since most the melons and squash need 3-7 feet between them all of it needs to be smoothed and cleared before I can put more plants in the ground.

This is almost as bad as editing.

Random Quiz of the Week:
The Color Test

Your Colors Say You Are Fearless

When you are at peace, you are:
Energized and innovative

When you are moved to act, you are:
Courageous and resolute

When you are inspired, you are:
Spontaneous and adventurous

When your life is perfectly balanced, you are:
Light hearted and funny

Your life's purpose is:
To find contentment

So.... what's your random?


  1. Random Goals:
    -Finish putting together my school's literary magazine
    -Top 50k words on my WIP
    -Visit mother and mother in law without going crazy

  2. Love the color test. I'm apparently caring (?)

    When you are at peace, you are:
    Deeply stable

    When you are moved to act, you are:
    Giving and warm

    When you are inspired, you are:
    Flexible and experimental

    When your life is perfectly balanced, you are:
    Philosophical and expressive

    Your life's purpose is:
    To reach enlightenment
    Weekend goals? Nothing planned, everything open. Spend time with mom is a definite priority.

    I know the feeling about the garden. There never is enough room for everything. Or there is room, but you have to work for it. :[

  3. Random goal:

    Wait until it stops pouring down rain so I can go to the grocery store! UGH! I have no food!

    Hello to baby Brooks!! :-)

  4. Random goal: To mop the floors while hubby and son are out of town.

    Random task: To deliver a giant stuffed kangaroo and a bag of chopsticks. (odd, but true.)

    Happy Weekend, Liane! I hope you aren't too lonely.

  5. BIg Congrats on baby #3!!!!
    Random goal, to eat something before my stomach eats itself. Yum.

  6. Congratulations on the new one! How very exciting.
    Random things for my weekend:
    - soup at Olive Garden w/ mother in law
    - buy milk
    - nap (I hope)

  7. Congrats on the little gaffer!

    My Random goal: To start fresh drafting on Monday. Wha-hoo!