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Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Random

Random Linky Love: Emotion homework from Deadline Dames. Don't tell anyone your character is scared, show them.

I was so excited to do this because I have one character in the chapter I'm editing that's at her wit's end but no one notices. I have to show her fear and confusion all through her actions and hope the readers are quicker on the uptake than my characters.

Random Way to Get Your Teeth Kicked In: When a pregnant lady says, "It's been a rough day." Don't respond with, "Stop having kids." Unless you want to take your teeth home in your hat.

My baby brother is lucky he lives on the wrong side of the country. He's 19 and I don't think he understands quite how to talk to a pregnant sister.

Trust me, if kids were the issue the pregnant lady will let you know. The bad day was caused by my insane neighbors.

Just don't, that's all I'm saying.

Also, don't tell the pregnant lady she looks huge. That also might result in an emergnecy run to the dentist.

Random No-No's For the Swim Season: Guys, swim season is on us and I only have one request. No painted on ANYTHING on the males. Speedo, shorts, whatever.... if it's not loose keep it for your girlfriend.

Yes, everyone is staring.

And, yes, we're all laughing at you.

I won't even mention anything about cold water and measurements....

Random Thing I Love About Writing:

I love it when a story just clicks. When I wake up in the morning and see the perfect scene and know how well it will work.

I hated walking away from my computer and going to bed at 1am because I knew how the chapter worked. I have the next three chapters all sitting there begging to be written. I won't be able to recapture that initial inspiration, but I hope I can keep most of it.

Random Favorite Character of the Week:
General Moira Miles

The general is the main male character's grandmother. She's still actively serving in the military during most of the book and is in charge of new recruit training. She enjoys running recruits to the ground, and brow-beating her only grandson into providing her with a nice great-grandchild or ten.

I love General Moira because she's feisty, out spoken, and able to be a commander and doting grandmother at the same time. She's a fun character to write.

Random Reading for the Weekend:
Armed and Magical and Diplomatic Immunity.

I am going to cry! Diplomatic Immunity is the last of Vorkosigan Saga that I know about.

So..... What's your random?


  1. I have a brother like that - lol! When I got pregnant with my third he said "Weren't you JUST pregnant? Man, how many are you going to have?" Nice.

    Friday Random: weeding my neighbors garden. He's old and likes the company :)

  2. That's sweet of you, Tess. I'm making some friends come over and help me weed my garden this weekend in exchange for fresh fruit and veggies later in the season.


  3. I took my sheets off to wash the other day...the same day the machine broke down...so, at bed time, I found the sheets lying on the floor (F*&#@) where I'd left them...and I put them back on inside out.

  4. Anita- LOL! You sound like me.

    For the longest time we only had one set of sheets per bed. If something got dirty I had to wash it, or we slept on the blanket.

    I finally broke down and bought extra sheets.

  5. The sound of running water in my house scares me. Where is it coming from if no taps are on? At least its stopped.