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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Signs Point to.......YES!

It's Thursday, and I think everyone needs a mid-week pick me up.

So here are some indicators that, yes, you too will get published!

1. You don't write in crayon.

2. You are not writing a true crime novel about the murder you committed and got away with.

3. You are writing in a known language (i.e. English, Spanish, Greek, Arabic, or whatever is appropriate for your region/country/state/planet)

4. You know how to follow directions, place a stamp on an envelope, and e-mail one person at a time.

5. You have friends who are willing to proof-read for you.

6. You don't burn your manuscript when someone suggests you add a set of commas.

7. You have the self-discipline to sit down and finish a manuscript.

8. Reading a rejection letter does not drive you to jump off cliffs, thus ending your career before it starts.

9. You are aware that stalking an agent is a Bad Plan.

10. You are aware that the best way to get published is to send me regular bribes in hopes that my fabulous connections will launch you to super stardom... oh... wait.... maybe not. I still like candy! Maybe you should just try querying widely instead. :o)

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  1. I totally needed a mid-week pick-me-up! Thanks!!

  2. Fun read!

    Candy bribes? Shouldn't you be eating healthy?
    *sends you carrot sticks and sliced red bell peppers*

  3. As long as the peppers have lemon juice and salt, I'm okay with that. :o)

  4. LOL!

    Tragically 'tis a blow to crayon fanatics everywhere, though... %-)

  5. Too funny! I always feel encouraged when I read your blogs!