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Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Random

Random Progress: I finished writing the new opening for Under a Dark Star. I still need to edit it.

Random Goals for March: I want to write and edit through chapter 12 on Under a Dark Star and have it in the hands of my beloved beta-readers. It isn't a huge goal, just four more chapters to write and edit, but it's sensible. I also need to get my backyard cleaned up and the garden planted.

Random Best Advice of the Week: Don't take rejections or critiques personally. An agent might reject your work, but that work isn't you. A person might give you a hard critique on your work, but that work still isn't you.

Random Fun of the Day: I'm going to see my Eldest in her school play!

So..... what's your random?


  1. Random progress: On chpt 4 of Imperial Intrigue. Muse is having a field day.

    Random goal for March: Get to at least chapter 10 of II. Ideally I'd like to finish it...but it all depends if I get to take my trip to the states in first week of April. If that happens, well um yeah lots to prepare

    Random advice of the week: Don't let the little things in life get you don't. Crying over a broken photocopier isn't worth it. (I didn't do this today. I nearly did it another day)

    Random fun of the day: trip to the states looks more & more likely!

  2. Awesome advice! Needed to hear that today. LOL