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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wednesday Workout

Do 10 leg kicks on each leg and then stretch your brain....

Nona's baby was up all night long, exhausted, she rushes him to the doctor as soon as the older children get on the bus. After several hours sitting in the doctor's office Nona goes home, dreading the mess that's waiting for her. the breakfast dishes were left on the table, someone spilled juice in the kitchen, the laundry needs to be washed and folded... and her husband is out of town on business until Friday so she can't make him do the cleaning.

When she walks in the door, lo and behold, the house is clean! The dishes are washed, the laundry folded, the carpets clean, and even the toys are put away.

What happened? Write a brief scene explaining how Nona's house went from hazardous waste to sparkling clean. Then add a list of character traits for the cleaner....


  1. I'll do this one! And I'll find a way to include hula!!! heehee :)

  2. I would normally do this, but I'll have to skip, seeing as I have 66 more blogs posts to catch up on. That's from a whopping 101. So... I have my workout cut out for me already. :)