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Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday Random

Truly Random........ my favorite pictures from 2008:

And from these come the phrase, "Walls colored with memories." I love decorating with family pictures. I enjoy looking back and remembering things. Looking back on 2008, it was a busy year. A lot changed. My husband came home after a 15 month deployment, my youngest graduated from her crib, we moved to a new state, my Eldest was diagnosed with a speech disorder, we lost family, and we made new friends.


Here's to 2009. May the stars ever brighter shine.


  1. Lovely pics! Girls are very cute.

  2. Thanks for sharing those pics--I can see why the're favorites!!

  3. Such great pictures! What an eventful year for you!

  4. Love your pictures. I too decorate my home with memories. Now I'm packing away photos because we're getting our home ready to put on the market in a couple of months. I miss my pics. sniff sniff

  5. Oh, thanks for sharing pictures, Lei! I love to see you and your beautiful family.