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Monday, January 19, 2009

I am doomed.

According to the theory/study/practice of feng shui clutter reflects stuck energy and an inability to progress in your life.

A cluttered kitchen is bad for the family, a cluttered bathroom is bad for getting ready for work... I hate to know what a cluttered study means. And I'm a clutterbug. I have stacks of papers, fabvric, and books all piled up around my study. Mountains of unfinished letters and quilts. Old starburst wrappers, seed catalogs, good grief what a mess!

And I never seem to get it clean and stay clean.

Obviously I am doomed to an unproductive life style.

Can I blame the clutter for not writing today?


  1. What a load of rubbish!

    I'm sorry lei, but i'm of the philosophy that chaos shows a brilliant, intelligent mind. Why spend time constantly putting things away? I'm not against things being tidy, I just find it hard to keep things that way.

  2. Complete waste of time to study, much less believe that stuff!

    I have a cluttered (clean but cluttered) place, and I consider myself very productive. So far today (amidst the normal clutter), I have: baked a loaf of banana bread, baked a loaf of cinnamon bread, gone grocery shopping, made chili, fed the kids (mine and roomie's), written a chapter and chatted online to friends.

    Considering it's only 1 p.m., I think I"m doing pretty good.

  3. You mean I can't blame the clutter for my unproductive morning?


    I guess I'm just lazy :o)

    Although I would eventually like to reclaim my sewing table from under the mess of fabric. And maybe sort the papers that make my desk a fire hazard. In the meantime, my computer desktop is clean!

  4. Bah.

    Clutter helps me think. %-) As long as I have space to set my tea mug and occasionally a plate and/or notebook and nothing is falling on the keyboard, I don't care how messy my desk is. :P

    Not getting things done is entirely blamable on tiredness and laziness, if you ask me. lol


  5. Yes, you can blame the clutter, but do something about it. :)

    I have clutter, too, but I try to keep on top of it. It's not easy...