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Monday, January 19, 2009

Really Cool News

I'm slacking today. It's a holiday, it's 29 degrees outside (I live in the south it isn't supposed to BE this cold), and I have no energy. So I'm cruising the news sites I love for inspiration.

1. The song called Antifreeze... this is awesome! The weather is so cold in DC that the US army band has written a new song, called Antifreeze, that they can play even if the instruments are so frozen they can't move to make different notes. I just want to hear a copy.

2. Biohackers and DIY bioengineering... why can't I get a place like this near me? A hobbyist in Cambridge altered yogurt DNa to glow in the presence of Melanine, the chemical making the news for being put in the Chinese milk supply. She did this on her own time after building a DNA analyzer for $25. Wait... you can build your own? At home??? Apparently these groups meet locally worldwide and have a mailing list. Check it out here. And, Merc, no zombie gene manipulation, 'k?


  1. It's been that cold in DC? Wow. Maybe I don't want to fly out there....

    Sarah's loving it, I bet. :)

  2. I wore a t-shirt, shorts (capris) and crocs today. Felt fine.

  3. Very. And why are you in DC Sarah? Thought you lived elsewhere....

  4. Not DC exactly, Yuna, but I'm very close in Annapolis. Fewer than 20 miles between us.