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Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Play's the Thing...

Now showing in Canberra, Australia!

Hey bub

Just thought you'd like to know the drama club officially okay'd your play :o) So, it's officially going to be our christmas church service, on the 20th of December :)


One of my writing buddies asked to use the play for her church Down Under. Since it's a Christmas play about a Christmas carol and the group preforming is doing the performance for free (and because I adore my friend) I said yes. Really, I couldn't think of any reason I would have said no.

Another good friend is showing the play to two churches in her area as well. So, should you be in any of the locations the play is playing this December, stop on by :o)

And someone, please, remind me to bring a camera!


  1. TAKE YOUR CAMERA!!! I will be upset if you don't take pics and share them.

    *shakes finger*

    So have you thought of publishing the play???

    And if my ward needs a play for next year.....?

  2. And if you need a play I will be happy to share :o)

    Publishing the play is something I've gone back and forth on. I want to see what feedback I get from producing it and then see what changes I make to help the play along. Seeing it on stage is good for editing.

    And then, I don't know. I may try to send it out and see if it suits the needs of any of the publishing houses that make plays available. The one thing I do want to keep is the right to give the play to groups who are doing free performances. I know most church groups don't have a ton of money to spend buying the scripts for a play.

  3. Instead of looking at publishing with an 'official' site, there are many sites that offer christian dramas for free. You could contact some of them and offer them the play. You won't get paid, but hey, you can say it's out there and available... :D

    I'd talk to Hil if you're going to think seriously about it. She knows the ins and outs of it better than the rest of us :)

  4. Yay, L!!

    I contacted my church a few days ago, and I contacted my old church last night. Waiting to hear a response. I know that my current church has been working on a Christmas play for months, so I figured "If they plan that far ahead, I need to get a move-on!"

  5. I have read the play... you did a GREAT job, I can't wait to see it!! Of course, let me know what you need help with putting it into production.