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Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday (night) Random:

Random Stress Foods: Pickled ginger (gari), palm hearts, cream cheese... not all together. Bonus points to anyone who can figure out what that says about me.

Random Favorite Hobby: Marriage. Being married is something you work at. I like playing with fish, cooking, sewing, quilting, reading, and writing, but I love being married. I have a wonderful husband, supportive and fun. And he cleaned the house for me last night while I was dealing with play rehearsal. I feel adored.

Random Music on Right Now: Last Midnight sung by Bernadette Peters, written by Steven Sondheim, from the musical Into the Woods

Random Distraction from Writing: A new truffle recipe that I'm going to go play with while the kids get cleaned up.

Random Writing: My characters are wild and out of control. I'm on schedule for NaNo and having fun. Although we'll see how much energy I have tonight after cooking and packing for tomorrow's activity.

So...........what's your random, because I am not random today at all.


  1. Today seems to be the day of random irritations, which is odd, because I'm having a good day.

    Random Irritation #1: I appear to be developing a head cold.

    Random Irritation #2: Apparently there is a distinct lack of places in this city that sell turf; and the primary one has decided to let its turf-cutter go on holiday, and thus is not open this weekend.

    Random Irritation #3: Did I mention the head cold? :S

    But, on the flip side...

    Random Thing To Look Forward To #1: Baking the most awesome birthday cake ever this afternoon.

    Random Thing To Look Forward To #2 Our first non-city dog show tomorrow (though I think this is something to dread, too :S)

    Random Thing To Look Forward To #3: Being completely done with uni in approximately 50 hours' time :)

  2. I love pickled ginger, palm hearts, and cream cheese, too. And I might even eat them all together if the mood struck me right.

    What does that say about you: that you're as weird as I am.

    Do you make chocolate often???

    My Random For Today:

    Darcy's sick with some sort of stomach bug. Yay for me. *twirls fingers and rolls eyes*

    I'm craving pickled ginger and sushi now.

    I reached 25,000 words this morning. Yay!

    I'm all the sudden interested in illegal drugs because they're in my book. That's a scary thought. Inky's helping me out with her research . . .

    Is all that random enough for you? I'm not very random, either. :)

  3. That's plenty random :o)

    Hope you all feel better soon!

  4. My random effort is that somehow I ended up at your blog!

    There are some good posts here. I'll be back.

  5. Welcome, Jane! I'm not sure how you wound up here, but the more the merrier. Care for a truffle?