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Monday, October 6, 2008

Writing Challenge

Every week my online writer's group offers prompts for short story ideas. Some of these ideas are serious, others spawn absolutely hilarious spoofs, and some turn into novels.

One of the prompts this week was this: You are an author (duh!) proposing to an agent. Not just a book, but marriage (but you've never met). Write the agent a query letter.

I decided to write mine from the perspective of Horace Jones, middle-aged dog owner and previously Published Author. The object of his affections is none other than the snappiest agent in the 212, and fellow dog owner, Miss Snark.

My friend wrote her fake query about the nonfiction book, Stalking Nathan.

Come on, you know you want to... how would you combine a query letter and a marriage proposal? I can picture an eager young editor madly in love with a lovely lady agent... do you think he'd call her everyday to see if she'd sorted her slush pile yet?