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Monday, October 6, 2008

Call For Submissions

Authoress is looking for two sentences.... it's an in-house contest just between friends, so get over there and send her something!


  1. I sent in my two sentences and subscribed to the blog. Does that make me a "friend?"

    Hope I'm not breaking any etiquette rules . . .

  2. Of course that makes you a friend :o)

    Am I baking you something??? I always worry when friends come calling. It's amazing how they always show up just in time to eat...

  3. ARE you baking me something? Hope I'm not annoying...

    Let me know if I am. I annoy a lot of people.

  4. Yep, you're officially a "friend."

    Especially if you bring something homemade. Like, a key lime pie. Or something. :)

    Thanks for the link, Liana. I can't believe the response already!

  5. How about homemade cinnamon buns? Those are always a smash hit.

  6. Today's treat is homemade sugar cookies, or homemade from scratch chicken soup. The only thing I didn't do was raise the chicken :o)

    Last night I made buckeyes.

    And I think we'll probably make some more cookies and caramel apples before the week is out. And sourdough bread.

    What do you want, m'Lady?

  7. I'll take the sourdough bread, thank you, with a new burst of inspiration for finishing the polishing touches on my novel and a perfectly written query letter that will have the agents fighting over me . . .

    Yeah right. I'm real funny.

  8. Go see the challenge below... and then go read Nathan's blog... it's just too funny!