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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rejection Fears

Well, Falcon War is out of the nest and trying to find a home.

Officially, I hate submitting short stories. I would rather write a query letter and deal with agents rejection letters than stress over 600 words worth of flash fiction.

Don't get me wrong, I love the little story I came up with, but I'd rather write, read, and publish a novel any day of the week. I feel safer hiding behind a few thousand words. 90,000 sounds about right.

But... the deed is done. The story is out. If it gets published, great. If the editors think I'm crazy, fine, hopefully they'll forget my name quickly as they get inundated by every other crazy author out there.


  1. Good job sending it out. ;) I'm still on the opposite side in that I officially no longer have a problem submitting shorts but am going to go crazy/freak out about novel queries, even if I HAVE started. :|

  2. Novels sound easier. But I don't have one ready to go yet. I intend to query a novel no later than July of next year. I'd like to have something out by the end of February. But that means actually knuckling down and editing like a good little author.

  3. That is the catch, ain't it? :P

  4. Good luck to you! I'm sure it will do great!

  5. Good luck, Lei.
    Cover letters=blech!

    But you can do this. Your story's awesome. Someone will see that. Good luck!

  6. It's a great story, Lei! If the people you sent it don't take it, send it out to some others. Somebody will pick it up!

    And I'd like to query Breakaway sometime next year. Gotta get it polished first, though...

    That is the trick...

  7. Good job! You'll do great.

    I'm always surprised how hesitant people are to submit.

    Yet, we all want to know where we stand and how good our work is. What better barometer could you ask for than free, professional consulting on the quality of your work?

  8. I also find shorts much, much harder both to write and share with others.

  9. Good Luck! I'm sure it's great and you have no reason to be worried. I have a question-I was recently at a conference and after pitching I was asked to send in my novel-it's not quite finished yet so how long do I have before it's wierd to send it in?? thanx :)