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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Read Irresponsibly...

Have you read Unshelved yet? It's about a bunch of librarians who are just a little odder than normal. I'm not a librarian, but I know a few, and I do love libraries.

No I'm torn, do I want a t-shirt that says Bibliovore or Read Irresponsibly as my bribe for finishing NaNoWriMo? Last year I bribed myself with a t-shirt that said Biopunk. I never actually bought it, and chances are good I won't buy a t-shirt this year (where would I wear it?) but I like the idea that I will give myself permission to buy a fun shirt that's just silly.

So what do I want?

Slacking? Procrastinating? Who??? Me???? Nooooo. I'd NEVER do a thing like that...


  1. I vote for "Bibliovore" %-)

    Not sure if I'm going to bribe myself or not. That usually doesn't work for me. Plus, I'm getting this sinking feeling of doom that I'm never going to write another word on a novel IN MY LIFE. *sigh* It's one of those months.

  2. *hugs* poor Bethy! Some days are just hard.