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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Just To Make You Laugh

How would you like to see Jane Austen rewritten as a sci-fi movie?

Here's the idea from 109 (I09?)
Any Jane Austen Novel
What they are: A snarky woman who is underestimated by her peers falls for a snarky bastard from the upper classes who finds himself inexplicably drawn to her inner strength. There may be some comic relief and social commentary on the issues of the day as well. (Can you tell that I'm not a fan?)
What they could be: Sienna Miller is Elizabeth Bennett in Pride And Planetary Prejudice, choosing between newcomer to the space station Space Captain Bingley and his gruff friend Lt. Darcy. Swooning and hilarity ensues. Or Keira Knightly is E'Mma, a haughty and arrogant Martian who finds true love in the arms of human settler Mr. Knightly (With a surname like that, I'm sure even Keira could handle it).
I'm amused, especially since I'd love to see some Austen characters redone with space ships. There isn't anything you can't improve with spaceships.

They have more ideas, but let's see... what would I really love to add space ships to? How about some Shakespeare, his work is universal, you could turn Oberon into a Martian and Hamlet could take place anywhere, in any language, and still be wonderfully tragic.

Maybe the classic Odyssey as a space pilot stranded... wait... don't use that idea. I like it!

Okay, it's the weekend, have fun. If you could twist any story, what would you do? Would Voldemort beat Harry? Romeo and Juliet live? Maybe Cinderella will fall in love with the Captain of the guard (I mean... uniform! Hello! Yay yummier than some flubby royal). Go rewrite the world, and then tell me about it because I always love a good story.


  1. Kick Kiera Knightly into space and I'll be happy. But DO NOT star in another Austen film or I'll hunt her down myself and kill her. She was the sorriest excuse for an Elizabeth Bennett I've ever seen.

    I think Austen would adapt well to spaceships. Pemberley would be it's own planet, of course...

    If I wrote sci-fi I'd steal that Odyssey idea. That's a good one. :)

    I think I might like to change all Steinbeck pieces to Happily Ever Afters. I love his writing, but he really is depressing. Just give Lennie his farm with a cage-full of bunnies and a cute little puppy on the porch, for crying out loud.

  2. Yes! Someone else who thinks Kiera Knightly should rue the day she stepped into Lizzy's corset %-) ... wait, that sounded funny. Never mind.

  3. I loves Pride and Prejudice! Austen is brilliant! BRILLIANT, I tell you!!
    ~~Emina, clearly an Austen fan.

    Glam - Oh my gosh, I cried at the end of Of Mice And Men! It's was so sad!