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Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Random

Random Personality Test:

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

The Which Fantasy/Sci-Fi character Are You? test. I'm Yoda! Which surprises me a little, but it's what I get for not taking bribes....

Random Kid Logic: My 6-year old asked if her uncle could come visit, because she wants to see stars fall..... It took me a little bit to figure out the logic behind that. But I did! The only time she's seen a meteor shower was the summer her uncle was visiting us in Texas. We drove out past the dam and parked in a field to watch shooting stars. She correlates shooting stars and her uncle because they were together in her memory.

This is the same logic that insists the weather will warm up if you wear a bathing suit because you only wear bathing suits when it's warm. I love kids!

Random Recipe of the Week: This is one of my favorites to serve at Valentine's dinner, but it also makes the base for a yummy smoothie or a nice sweet treat for a fancy dinner any time of year. I usually cheat a little and buy frozen strawberries. And I imagine it's very adaptable, try adding a few whole raspberries or blueberries for fun!

Chilled Strawberry Soup


1 cup dry white wine (or sparkling cider- I like martinellis)

1/3 cup sugar

2 cups strawberries

1 cup orange juice

1/8 tsp. ground cardamom

fresh mint sprigs

heavy cream


  • Place the wine and the sugar in a saucepan. Heat to the

point of boiling. Stir often to dissolve the sugar. Remove

from the heat.

  • Meanwhile, puree the strawberries in a blender. Add the

strawberries, orange juice and cardamom to the wine mixture.

Allow to completely chill.

  • Before serving, beat the heavy cream with a mixer until

thick and frothy. Add one spoonful of cream to each bowl of

soup and swirl. Garnish with a sprig of mint.

Random Bad News: I only walked 3 miles this week! And two were on Monday... I usually try to walk a mile or two every day and slip in some yoga during the day. But this week that just didn't happen.

Random Writing Progress: I have the first 11 chapters of DoJ edited and up for review with my beta-readers. I think those chapters are fairly solid. There's one or two that I'm still not totally in love with, but it's solid enough for me to move on and finish editing the rest of the draft. And drafty is the right word. There are plot holes that need mending and missing scenes that need writing. It's going to be just tons of fun. *note the sarcasm*

Random Plans For This Weekend: I think we're going out to my friends farm tomorrow, but she hasn't e-mailed me back yet, which is fine, she's probably in lost in a mangrove swamp in Florida. She does that sort of thing. I'm still going to call and see what our plans are for the weekend and bake some cookies just in case we go.

Random Play Progress: The idea for my Christmas play has been approved by the activities committee. I need to sit down and clean the play up though. It's about how the Christmas carol "I heard the Bells on Christmas Day" was written. I admit I'm a bit nervous about play writing. I have an idea, but I'm never sure if things will go over well. So, I need to clean the draft I have this weekend and get the script approved so we kind start hunting actors down.

Random Realization in Writing: None of my characters will ever play guitar. I've seen guitar players in several books and, I've got to admit, guitar playing is a bit of a turn off. And I know, logically, it's totally because I associate guitar playing with certain people in my life who I don't have a warm fuzzy relationship with. It's complete childhood angst. But I still don't like guitars.

For that matter, I really doubt any characters will ever play any musical instrument at all. Maybe I'd let a bard play a lute or something. But I'd probably kill the bard off by chapter three...

But, that's the way writers are, isn't it? We invest a great deal of emotion into our characters. And, while I'll make characters draw, read comics, or do yoga, there are some things I won't write. What about you? Is there something your characters won't ever do?

Come on...................What's your random?


  1. What I won't let them do? Huh. I'm not sure. I'm not sure I can stop them if they decide to do something really random. ;-(

    If I get ideas that I think "hmm, someone should do this" I look for a way to get it in. :P

    It's their own fault though. They refuse to obey me, of course I'm going to make their lives worse than miserable!

    (Wait, I'd do that anyway...)



  2. My character that I'm most like - Galadriel. Odd.

    As for what I won't let my characters do? Sing. I have always wanted to have a great singing voice instead of sounded like a Siamese in heat. If my character could sing I would immediately get jealous and kill him or her.

  3. I am Delenn, from Babylon 5. I may not know who she is, but the quote seems fairly accurate: "Summoned, I take the place that has been prepared for me."

    As for my characters, they will never be gay or bisexual. The appeal simply baffles me. No idea how I could ever write it. *shudder*

  4. I am "Delenn

    Devoutly dedicated to helping lead others to glory, you are a strong, supportive, and spiritual caregiver.

    Summoned, I take the place that has been prepared for me."

    Characters: I could never write... Hmm. I never really thought about this. I would never have a character take Jesus' name in vain.