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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Where have you been????


I've been blogging MIA all weekend. I even had a post planned out for Saturday... but my internet died and I just barely got it fixed! So here it is, a little late, a Saturday Something Else:

To become a published author you need to do several things:
1) Write
2) Edit
3) Read
4) Live!

No one can write well in a bubble. To make characters realistic, to make situations realistic, you need to go out and experience things. Saturday I went down to southwest Georgia, ate some mayhaw jelly, watched a loofa grow, and went horse back riding. :o)


  1. So true!

    It's been years since I went horseback riding. I am jealous. ;-) And what a happy girl in that photo!

  2. *also jealous* I adore riding. Lyd looks so happy! :D

    Living is good :)

    Out of curiousity, how can a loofa grow? In Aus, a loofa is that scratchy ball of netting stuff you use to scrub yourself with in the shower....

  3. Loofa is actually a plant, it's edible when small, and when it gets bigger you dry it, shake out the seeds, and use it in the bath like a dried sponge. :o)

    I'll send pictures. And I'm hoping my friend will send seeds!