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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


It's a quiet morning here. A little rainy. A little dark.... I knew it would be like that, I have towels drying out on the line. It always rains when I hang up my towels.

Oh, and my friend took Small and Pink until noon so I knew it would be quiet too. :o)

I planned on spending my morning writing. DoJ has 35-36 projected chapters for the current draft (short chapters, nothing over 3k) and I'm trying to have them all edited and to my beta-readers by the end of the month.

I have other projects too, a play and a short story that I want to get done.

So, I started, with the best of intentions.

And then someone came to my door with this lovely package. With stamps from Australia on it!
The other half of the Twins of Good and Darkness (Amy from Inkfever) sent me a cookbook all about CHOCOLATE, written by Donna Hay. I already have friends volunteering to come be the taste testers!


But now, I need to think of something super special for my Australian counterpart and her birthday in December. How does one retaliate to chocolate?

EDIT: My secondary distraction is this: Tor.com is offering free e-books to people registered on their site. And you can register for free. Go, get a good book!


  1. Presents are awesome, but chocolate presents? Wow--tough to beat!

    Maybe do some sniffing around to find out if there is a product your friend likes but can't get over there and you can here. We have a friend in Germany who sends us German gummy bears (less sweet than ours and way tastier) and german chocolate. In return, we send him and his family M&M's, something they can't get very easily over there. I'm totally getting the best deal--I mean, Belgium chocolate for M & M's?

  2. Heh, sounds like a nice deal, Ang!

    *is beaming*

    Glad you liked the parcel, Twin o' Mine :D

  3. :) Loved the parcel!

    Angela- that is a good deal!