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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Books On My Nightstand


That's my proverbial nightstand. All the books I'll pick up at random to read or reread this week.

My husband says I am cheating though...

The thing is, there were only two books on my nightstand today. And they were only there because I'd forgotten to put them away. I don't read in bed. DH goes to sleep while I'm still up editing so my reading happens elsewhere in the house.

For the picture I scurried through the house (earning interesting looks from the children and DH) and outside (am I the only person who keeps a book in the car for traffic jams?) and put all the books from my reading nooks on the nightstand.

In their natural environment this is where my books live......

The library has a rack of free books, paperbacks they don't want back. So, the top of my Bubble Bath Reading Stack tonight is "The Burglar Who Thought He Was Bogart".... amateur thief and bookstore owner? Sounds as good as "A Good Thief's Guide To Amsterdam" and so far, it is (I read to chapter 6 at the park on the way home from the library yesterday while the kids played).

It takes absolute minutes for the computer to boot up and load programs! Sometimes there are a whole 30 seconds together where I'm doing nothing but watch a page load on the internet. So I keep some favorite books handy for quick browsing.

Usually I use the time to brush up on my Latin but I also have "Princess at Sea" there and "The Doomsday Brunettes" and a thriller I grabbed for fun off the free shelf at the library that, since I took the picture ten minutes ago, has wandered away with someone else in the family. Drat! I didn't read it fast enough!

My kitchen is the best place to find what I'm reading. I can't eat and *not* read. Terry Patchett's "Wyrd Sisters" didn't even make it into the stack on my nightstand, I didn't realize it was lingering on the cookie tin.

The Calvin and Hobbes anthology on the kitchen table has been there for a week or more, we pass it around during snack time taking turns reading and looking at the pictures. And I have cook books... the plot might not be great but I love reading through cookbooks for ideas while I'm munching a muffin for breakfast. I pulled out one of my favorite reads, "Nanny Ogg's Cookbook". I've actually made several recipes from the book (including Wow-Wow sauce). and we've all lived to tell the tale.

So, no, not all those books are on my nightstand. I'd send them flying when I flailed for my alarm clock in the morning. But they are all scattered around the house waiting to be read....

And there's DH and Small and Pink with Harry Potter......

P.S. Why did I start this photo safari to find my books? Blame Janet Reid and the folks at Book on the Nightstand.

Happy Reading!


  1. Love it!!
    I also keep a book in my car. Not so much for traffic jams, but in case I get stuck at an appointment or waiting for the kids at the bus.
    And I love the "Burglar Who" series. They are so much fun!

    Thanks for participating.

    Books on the Nightstand

  2. I just found the Burglar Who series, but I'm enjoying it so far.

    On long trips I read out loud while DH drives and the kids color. But it means the books wind up lingering in the car for appointments, play dates at the playground, and days when we get stuck with traffic not moving for an hour.

    Thanks for the fun idea!

  3. Great pics! I'm so boring I have no books on my nightstand. My hubby works long hours and so I never read in bed because he's already asleep.

    My office, tho...wowsers.

  4. Books and kitchen knives next to each other? o_O

    I don't have fiction books on my nightstand. Only my college app filing box, a med term text book, and a cell phone. :P

  5. I love this post! I think it's great!
    How nice to see the books in their native environment.

  6. Cute take on the Books To Be Read theme!

  7. Hey Liana-

    These are so great! Both the "cheating" version and all of the real pictures. I love that books live near the bathtub. I only take showers, so that wouldn't work for me!

    Thanks so much for entering our contest!
    Michael (not a lady)
    Books on the Nightstand

  8. Sorry Michael! I was a bit tired when I was typing and not paying very much attention. I'll just go edit that bit.

    Emina- The knives make a nice book end. And, if worse comes to worse, knives are a handy way of pinning down the more rebellious books ;o) yes a Pratchett reference

    Oh! And I finished The Burglar Who Thought He Was Bogart last night (3 hour bubble baths are lovely). Now I need to go find the rest of the series!