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Friday, August 15, 2008

More Random Than Usual

We have some very random dinners at our house. Like tonight. I made chicken breast stuffed with basil and mozerella cheese, biscuits, and steamed artichokes. The children happily ate and then I brought the artichokes out.

The six-year old looked up. "Mommy, can I have a burning green thing?"

We laughed and then started eating. My husband peeled the leaves, looked over at me... "Crabs and artichokes - this isn't the kind of food you eat because you can find chicken."

He nodded to himself and continued: "This is what happened. Somebody shows up and goes- Hey! I was stranded on this island and couldn't find anything to eat. And I looked up and saw this big round rock thing up in the tree. And I thought, apples grow on trees, and some nuts grow on trees, so maybe I can eat it! So I banged it with a rock and, you know, it wasn't half bad."

Conversation went around the table and then lulled. And he started again. "And then the guy says. I got tired of the rocks from trees and I saw this gull swope down and pick up this rock in the water and then drop it on a rock. But then it ate the water rock. And I thought, I could do that. So I crushed some of the rock things. They look like uncooked eggs but, you know, they aren't half bad. Next time I'm going to get stranded with butter!"

This is why we've been happily married all these years, he makes me laugh. :o)


  1. *is laughing* I so share his opinions :D:D

  2. I love this blog and really enjoy all of your writings!! The random stories and recipes are fun too!!! :)