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Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Random

Random Observation of the Week: Dew does not glisten in the morning sun. If the day is hazy the dew looks like spider webs over the grass. If the sun is bright the dew might glint like broken glass in the grass. But it really doesn't glisten.

Random Progress this Week:
- 10 of 28 chapters of DoJ are up for critique and edited
- 6 of 25 chapters of Bryson are edited, only 4 posted
- I've continued editing my short story that I want to submit. The next step is finding a place to submit

Random Good-For-Me Thing this Week: I made a schedule that give me 4 hours of writing time, one of hour of yoga, and time for a mile walk every day. I also wind up cleaning house twice a day and only get to run errands on Friday mornings. But it means everything gets done. I even left open time on the schedule for anything random I need to do, like convince the children that digging in and flooding the garden is not a good idea (they wanted a beach).

Random Blog Post You Need To Read of the Week: Garrett at Vanilla-Garlic wrote an amazing essay on drugs, drug use, and why he won't use them. It's posted HERE. I've never used drugs, but I write about users in my work and I found his insight into the why behind addiction fascinating. I also love his shibby cupcake recipes :o)

Random Sweet Spot of the Weel: Inky from Inkfever talks about the use of "Sweet Spot" maps in her post HERE. I think this is excellent homework for everyone. Go write brainstorm happy, sad, angry, silly.... all of it. It's always good to know where you stand as a writer and a person.

Random Goodness for the Blog: Joan Reeves over at Sling Words as a three part series on Pings, Pinging, and why Ping is a good thing. Go over and read HERE about how you can build up some excitement about your blog.

Random Make Me Laugh Post of the Week: Why writing a book is harder than having a child. Here Go! You know you need the laugh.

Random Quote of the Week: From my daughters 7-year old friend. "In two years I'll be nine and I can be a teenager!"

Random Character I Love this Week: Zeus Maddox: afro-haired, comic reading, sketch drawing best friend and all around go-to-guy/hacker for John Bryson. Zeus does not deserve the abuse I put him through. He had a nice life until his best friend got him messed up with aliens. But I love him. He's based off of a good friend from college who may or may not recognize himself in the character. :o)

Last Minute Random: The fun people over at the Toasted Scimitar have compiled a list of light reading and in turn provided us all with a list of victims we can submit our short stories too. Check it out HERE.

So............What's your random?


  1. Love your weekly schedule! Four hours of writing time a day is plush! And perfect for working on those goals!

    My random? I feel like making an Angel food cake today with the kids. I love turning it upside down on a bottle to cool.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. PJ- that sounds like fun! We did all our baking yesterday :)

  3. Oo, oo, me have random this week!

    Random overheard comment: You won't get raped, you have a moustache!

    Random uniform: Bright orange t-shirts with 'sexy rep' on the back.

    Random happiness: It's LIGHT when I get out of class at 5pm! LIGHT!! ANd the blossoms have burst! Spring is coming!!

    (Yes, the overheard comment was directed at a boy. Man. Whatever. And no, I've no idea what the sexy reps were repping - though given it's student election week...?)

    Oh, and glad you liked the sweet spot map concept :) I adore it - mines comes everywhere with me now :)

  4. I'm going to try and make a Sweet spot map but right now I'm not in the mood for happy. Ask me about stressed!