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Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Random

Random Sign: "Catfish Wings!" on a a pub sign listing what food they sold. Now, either they need some punctuation or I've forgotten my Biology of Fishes class from college. I'm pretty sure catfish don't have wings. But, who knows, maybe they deepfry the fins and dip them in hot sauce. crunchy!

You might be to too Hooah! when.... ... you have to pause in your conversation for fighter flyovers

...when you pick up the kids from school and have to endure a lengthy discussion over what kind of plane is doing flyovers

... when you drive by a range and your six-year old can tell you what the solider in basic training is doing wrong

... when you have a serious discussion over what color of blue thread is closest to the blue on the infantry pacth

... when you get angry that the local sewing store doesn't have "Infantry Blue" thread.

... I need a vacation!

Random Writing This Week:
- I'm rewriting the opening chapters of DoJ again. Really, if it takes this much to get one draft how long will it take me to get a second novel in publishable state? I mean, I don't have a two book deal being offered but the second book is still in tatters! I worry...

- I'm editing Bryson. It's - fluffy - and needs much cutting and tightening. Which is sad in a way. I like the fluffyness. I like the random DL and scene descriptions. But the action isn't there and it isn't a tight read yet. Which is why it's a WIP and not a Work on the Shelf.

- Still working on Published Author. It *will* be submitted by Wednesday of next week so no more slacking.

- I started a synopsis for my NaNo novel. It's a tongue-in-cheek sort of book. I've got no clue what age range I'm aiming for. The character is in his late teens and the subject isn't horribly complex. So, maybe YA? Maybe mid-grade since it's justa goofy theme? Maybe something other?

- I've completely dodged working on the short story for the Federation anthology. I need to get on that!

Random News of the Week: Next Friday I will be out of town. We're driving up the east coast of the US to go see family. I have no clue what my internet availability will be up there. Hopefully good but I can't make promises. So, I'll either put the random up Thursday before I leave or sometime over the weekend when I get a chance. It'll be random!

Random Publishing Things to Check Out: D'ya see the list of blogs to the left there. *look - nod - good!* I really do recommend checking it out.
- Nathan Bransford has had some interesting things to say about publishing houses and censurship (Random House is taking hits for not publishing the Jewel of Medina0

- Sparky over at Waiting for Antlers has a worldcon recap about world building

- The girls at Bookshelf Muse have a new thesaurus for setting descriptions that debuted Saturday. If you haven't been there yet go check out the work they do.

- Authoress of Miss Snark's First Victim is holding another Are You Hooked? scret agent contest on Monday. Last time the agent picked three entries that were asked to send a partial. I mean, skip the query and find an agent! How much more fabulous can things get? But there are some strict genre requirements this time and a shorter entry period. Still, if that's what you write, go for it! I'll be on the sidelines eating popcorn and cheering.

So.......What's your random?


  1. I love how you refer to it as not being a Work on the Shelf. WOTS. Did you coin this?

    Random here? Another cake this week. It's my husband's 40th.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. I don't know if I picked up WOTS from someone or if that was my own little idea. I'll take credit for it if you like :o) But, honestly, I don't know if someone else has said it before or not.