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Monday, August 25, 2008

Fay.... Or.... How I Spent My Weekend in Darkness

It's noon and since I don't live on either of the poles where the nights are six months long this means I should be typing by the cheerful glow of sunlight. Instead I find myself writing in darkness as I strain to hear myself think over the sound of rain and the crack of thunder.

Fay has hit my town.

The sad little hurricane that only made it up to Cat 1 is certainly taking her time reminding the natives that tropical storms don't just have wind.

Where is all this water coming from? Isn't there a drought somewhere that needs these clouds? I don't! I've lost my tomatoes to three inches of water. I've given up on drying my clothes in the sunshine. At this point the rain is so heavy I can't even see across the street!

The bright side is that my computer works. Saturday it didn't. Saturday we lost power for seven hours. I spent the evening playing Monkey in the Middle by light of hurricane lamp much to the amusement of the children. It makes for wonderful memories but lousy progress on my writing.

And the worst part? I suddenly have an urge to write storms into every book! I have one series that takes place on a red desert planet (think of doing your laundry on Mars!). I have stories that take place in driving snow, outer space, and on the ocean floor. Now I need to sneak flooding into one of my tales.

*looks at Ice*

Poor Ice.

Can't you just picture a sopping wet white tiger?


  1. It's nice that you got inspiration out of this!

  2. Do you find yourself starting every paragraph with "it was a dark and stormy night?" *g* Hang in there. Fay will go away.

  3. Not every line... but I'm rewriting and I want a nice clap of thunder and a downpour on my character. But that would be bad!

    Actually, not bad, cliche. Getting fired *and* getting rained on? No, I think my beta-readers would flay me alive if I tried it!