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Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Random

Random Chaos of the Week: School started this week. Three days of school and the kid has already missed the bus once! This does not bode well.

Random Progress this Week: I'm through chapter 15 on rewrites but stuck editing chapter 10. The stupid scene just isn't working. Which is why I'm here blogging instead of writing. I keep hitting the scene from various angles and I can't seem to make it work. I'm thinking it's scrap and rewrite time.

Random Decision of the Week: I'm going to write a short story for the Federations Anthology and edit it until it shines. And I'm going to send out the "Published Author" the short story about Horace Jones before the end of the month to some magazine or another. I haven't picked a magazine yet but I suspect that by the end or Septmeber I'll have at least my first rejection slip if not my first acceptance.

Random Sound of the Week: Someone, some where in a ten mile radius, is blowing things up with alarming frequency. There's construction going on a mile or two down the road and I wonder what they're doing that's making the windows shake. Or even if it's them at all.

Random Win of the Week: Over the weekend I won two books, both from blogs I read. :o) I declined one because I'm pretty sure I have it (or something similar) stuffed on my shelf. The second book isn't even coming out in print until later this month so I know I don't have it- but I will!

Random Reading this Week: Lost Fleet book 4 by Jack Campbell, Dresden Book 3 by Jim Butcher, and It Happened One Knife by Jeffery Cohen. Loved, put down half way through, and find amusing but the jury is still out. I really think Jack Cambell and Terry Pratchett need to be pinned down and forced to write a book a month. It would make me so happy. Jim Butcher lost me with book three of Dresden, I just don't care for Harry enough, but my husband likes the book so maybe I'm just too picky. Jeffery Cohen's book I picked up after reading his weekly blog (His a Dead Guy on Mondays - look on the sidebar). I love his sense of humor but this isn't my usual genre and I'm reading the series out of order. It's easy to follow but I'm confused by the lack of space ships and magic. Poor brain! What do you mean there isn't FTL travel in New Jersey?

Random Conversation of the Week: I wandered into a discussion about the math behind faster-than-light (FTL) travel over at tor.com - I need to go see if the person responded to my question. I hope it's theoretically possible because it's how I explained FTL travel in the ViS universe.

Random Thing Missing From the Blog: About a month ago I fiddled with the blog and blog layout. I tried a few snazzy things and wound up settling for the plain white background and the stock scene from Deviantart.com and looking on my side bar I realize now that the list of my finished works/WIPs did not make the transfer. I need to update that sometime when I'm not busy.

Random Goal for the Weekend: Between now and Sunday morning I intend to write a minimum of 5000 words but probably more like 8000. That will give me a sparkly new version of chapter 10 in DoJ and the first rough draft of the short story for the Federations Anthology.

:o) So...... what's your random?


  1. My Random thought of the day: If Aragorn and a horde of elvish zombies got into a fight, who would win?

    (Your kids went back to school already? I still have a few weeks to go with the little monst-- er, angels.)

  2. Aragorn vs Elven Zombies? Aragorn knows how to use fire... and elven zombies are -well- still elves. I can't say I'm a big fan of elves. I'd have to vote for Strider on that one.

    Good luck surviving a few more weeks of summer :o) Record a video of them fighting that you can watch when they're off at college and you miss kids... or you miss the little dralings when they head back to school.