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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Call for Anthology Submissions

The link is here!

I actually heard about the anthology through the editors agent, Jenny Rappaport who mentioned the sale on her blog here.

This is part of the blurb from the call for submissions on the anthologies webpage:
What are the social/religious/environmental/technological implications of living in such a vast society? What happens when expansionist tendencies on a galactic scale come into conflict with the indigenous peoples of other planets, of other races? And what of the issue of communicating across such distances, or the problems caused by relativistic travel?

The reading period is November 2008 through January 2009. The editor, John Joseph Adams, promises to reject quickly but may hold stories he likes until January 31st to decide what makes the final cut.

I'm excited. This falls within the realm of what I write, I have a story in mind, and I'm going to try and get it ready for submissions. My only concern is that the rough outline was 500 words, and there's a 5000 word limit. I will learn to be concise!

So, do you think you might try to submit something too?


  1. Not in my realm of writing. Good luck!

  2. I'm going to sit down and write the story out tonight, let it perculate while I edit DoJ and then go back and start hacking and slashing. :o)

    If nothing else it will be an interesting learning experience.

  3. Good for you, tackling this. Wish I had time, but too much going on right now.

    Eeek! I just noticed that little Orc blinks!