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Friday, July 11, 2008


Quoted From InkFever:
Abby Rustad, more fondly known as Merc (short for mercenary, not mercy, just in case you wondered ;)), has had her short story Red Lights published in Necrology Magazine. This is a fabulous little short that's characteristically twisted in nature - and will never let you look at traffic lights the same way again %-)

For those of you that like to be forewarned, this one falls into the category of mild horror.

Merc is also one of the primary contributors on the Toasted Scimitar blog.

Merc is a good friend, critique partner, and a fabulous writer. She also has the good grace to let me tease her unmercifully in one of my books (she appears on the cover of a trashy romance novel). We're all very exicted for her and hoping that she will go finish a full length novel and get an agent already!

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  1. Yes! Yes we do!

    *hint hint*
    *poke poke*
    *stab stab*