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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Friday Random

Random Reason This is Up Late:
There was a major storm Friday that knocked out our power and internet. I wrote the Friday Random and forgot to post! Sorry everyone!

Random Scheme of the Week: Planning on getting my MIL to pay for a dinner out when she's here. (Yeah, I'm aiming low)

Random Story of the Week: Some flash fiction writing about space ships and laundry. I have an unhealthy obsession with space ships. And I hate doing laundry.

Random Quote of the Week:
"No! No! I don't want to be a hat!"

"Life is just life."
-Spike to Buffy

“If you had to face an alien invasion by yourself what would you do?”
-Bryson Anomaly

"The easiest way to kill a plant is leave it outside during the month of August and wait for the plant to shoot itself in despair."
- Untitled Short

Random Weather of the Week: Several power outages, a rolling gray out (flickering on and off electricity) and heavy rain while it was sunny outside..... It was a very localized cloud.

Random Expense of the Week: $250 to have someone to dust the house before new renters move in. $250??? Are you kidding me? That's a grocery bill! The house is *clean* it just needs to be dusted! (rolls on floor dying)

Random Appearance of My Personal Stuff in a Book: Do you do this? Does one of your characters wear your favorite shirt, have one of your other books on your shelf, or wear your jewlery? I've seen it a few times. (one author had another one of her books playing as a movie in the background of a scene in her latest book- talk about optimisim!) And I'm especially guilty of this in one series. Part of the reason is basic logic, I wrote my ancestors into the genetic line for a prelude character (you'll just have to read the book and guess). So I gave one group of characters my favorite jewelry because theoretically it's been handed down from mother to daughter for the past 700 years. This week my necklace from my 6th anniversary makes an appearance. The opal was the original stone set in my 5-year ring (that I got in leiu of our ever-post-poned honeymoon), but I kept knocking it loose and chipping it so DH had it reset this past year. I love the necklace and I have it on the neck of one of my favorite characters, Maggie Finn. In the book it's a gift from her mother given to her on the day she successfully defended her thesis for her doctorate (which is in genetic and genetic manipulation). I will do everything I can to keep that necklace in the book and wear the necklace to book signings (see me be optimistic!) .

So, there, that's my random.

What's your random?


  1. Ooo, shininess of ideas.

    *plots to put own items into stories*

    Ack, you've infected me, you evil girl! Infected, I tell you!

    *bats shiny Ideas away*

  2. bwhahahaha!

    I just live to cause trouble :)