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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Blog, links, and updates

Okay, some of you have noticed (although you've all been kind enough not to comment) that I have links up but not all the links or blogs I read or reference. As soon as things settle down here (ha!) I'm going to fix that.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Chapter 11 for Draft 3 of DoJ is, well, written. Originally the MMC and FMC traveled to Cannes on an invitation from one of the residents. One of my loving and loyal Critters pointed out that the MMC seems to have things very easy. Everything goes his way. There are no major threats and, in general, a lack of conflict in his life until the very last chapters. I realized the Critter was right and now I'm in the progress of kidnapping and torturing my MMC. He isn't taking it with good grace. In fact, he's making fun of the kidnappers and generally treating them like he planned this all along. How like a cat is that?

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