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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Where Are We Now?

Wow.... that was almost a very short post :)

I have a computer again, no computer chair but a computer attached to the internet and in a functioning desk so I can live again. I'm recovering from a bad Dresden addiction by reading the Lost Fleet series- and I'm almost done with that. Once I've read all the available material in my house I'll force myself to start writing again.

I did write yesterday, 800 new and shiny words for the Bryson Anomaly. I need to go wrap that up and while I'm at it I need to go layer Ice and finish that blasted thing.

I'm thinking about polishing a short story to submit to some magazines. But, in all honesty, I wouldn't know where to start. I don't read short stories. I don't read magazines. And the people I know who do think that life is perfectly uncomplicated and such things should be intuitive. At that point in the conversation my head hits the wall and I die of frustration.

In other news
Are books going to be replaced with e-readers? Yes, and I'm buying a flying car next month. (hums the Jetsons theme song- go look it up on youtube)

Congrats to Abby and Chelle for their first publications! It's wonderful to see friends being succesful.

For the love of all things good and dark someone send La Gringa at the Swivet a good query, she's losing her mind over there.

And Autheress at misssnarksfirstvictim.blogspot has an interesting contest going on.... she wants 250 words that make the reader know (and hate) your antagonist. Go give it a try :o)

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