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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Down South

Moving is a hassle. It's expensive. It's time consuming. And it generally means having to do without the regular luxuries such as edible food, knowledge of where you are, and a comfortable place to sleep.

All in all I think we landed on our feet this move. The savings account does not yet read $0. (close but not yet) We have a nice home to rent for the next year. And my neighbors are kindly (albeit unknowingly) letting me borrow their wi-fi.

Here's a hint.... password lock your wi-fi folks. I appreciate the people that don't and I won't abuse the open line (I even asked around to find out whose line it is... no one admits to owning the open one although all the neighbors use it) but not everyone is a nice person. And you don't want the legal fees.

Anyway... end public service announcement. I'm paranoid and password lock and everything else my files. I'm sure it's hackable, I just don't have the skill so I try to not worry to much... back to where we were.....

We're down south. I like the south, the people are friendly, the weather is fair, and the food is good.

We have our crazies. The old ladies who think anyone not as white as a Hanes t-shirt is out to scalp them. The people who think that if you weren't born in a cotton field you're an imperialist northerner come to oppress them. The ones who think that if you're skin is a shade or two lighter than theirs you must hate them. And (because this is a military town) the people who think the fact that you move every few years is a good reason NOT to know you.

I don't mind crazies. I usually laugh at them. I can get along with most of them and ignore the rest.

This move I was lucky and the neighborhood seems to be largely crazy free. The suburb is mostly military, so no locals chewing me out for not being born in the cotton field. And whatever issues make the news just haven't gotten this far out from the big city. I might hear something when I don't show up at the local church (white- with steeple- very idyllic), but I'll weather that storm when it hits.

So, once my computer desk and modem arrive, life will get to normal. School starts for the kids in August and between now and then the beach isn't to far off, I have a quilt to sew, and I've promised some friends that I'd finish Bryson and get a solid draft of DoJ done.

My goal for my time in the south is to save lots of money (I hate when the savings account is low- and we have a college graduation and a wedding to attend next spring) and to get some WIPesess changed to DONE and QUERIED.

Wouldn't that be nice?


  1. Nice indeed B-)

    Especially the bit about, you know, finishing Bryson...

    Glad you're settling in well :) Missed you :)

  2. Hello Inky-Twinny-One :)

    Yes, finishing Bryson, as soon as I figure out the minor glitch of how to get his spaceship to work....

    It's a project I WILL finish. I want to finish up Ice too before I get sick of seeing my favorite Enforcer in action.

    Sometimes it happens....