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Monday, February 8, 2016

I Lost A Few Weeks There...

A gratuitous puppy pic to distract you from Monday.

At the beginning of the year I decided 15 sick days plus a few vacation days would be more than enough to account for my needs plus visiting family. And then I got hit by the plague. I'm not even sure what it was. It started as a cold, turned into a sinus infection, and then became some ethereal illness stalking my waking moments and robbing me of my voice.

Who knows, maybe I was cursed by a Disney villain while I slept. The end result was several days of fever-dreams, no voice for the past week (which makes parenting and phone calls super fun), and eight of my fifteen sick days eaten up while I slept on the couch and the 4yo tried to feed me pretzels.

I'm behind on absolutely everything. Which means that later this week I'm crawling into my writing cave and trying to make up for lost time. The first draft of DECOHERENCE is due to my agent on March 9th, and to my editor May 2nd. So I'm pulling a NaNo in February to catch up. No big deal! I've done this before and didn't die!

Here, have another puppy picture to tide you over...

The normal face of a napping mastiff puppy. 

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