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Thursday, February 11, 2016

GOING ON A BEAR HUNT - a guest post by Misa Buckley

If you're a parent, you're probably familiar with Michael Rosen's fabulous children's story. Full of repetition, humour and lovely illustrations, it's a classic. It's also a great moral tale about tackling hardships.

Being an author is frequently hard. Some days the words seem stuck and you're sat facing a blank piece of paper or a blinking cursor, and you have no idea what to write. Procrastination lets you put the problem off for a little while, but eventually you have to face crossing the obstacle.

You can't go over it.

You can't go under it.

You have to go through it.

Sometimes it's as easy as walking through long grass. Other days, it's like stepping through mud. You slip and slide, your boots come off. You get so tired you're not sure you can take another step. But once you've started, you have to keep going, you have to get through to the other side.

It is there. Even if it seems far away. Keep going, keep fighting. Don't worry about what's coming out – the quality of your words matters less than the act of putting them down. Of getting past whatever obsacle has thrown itself in your way.

And, if you keep going, you'll find yourself back on solid ground. You'll be skipping along effortlessly, the words no longer troublesome but flowing like a river.

What a beautiful day!

But word bungs aren't the only thing that will trip you. Editing is hard. Submitting your work to agents takes confidence. Rejections will test your resolve.

The solution is the same – push through it. Being an author is about not giving up, ever. It's no easier once you're published, believe me, but the rewards are worth the trials and tribulations.


Misa Buckley grew up watching Doctor Who and Star Trek, so when she undertook NaNoWriMo in 2007, it seemed obvious to her to write science fiction. However, a teenage obsession with her sister’s Harlequin books meant she liked adding a little spice to her stories. This blend of genres continues to this day.

Blog: https://misabuckley.wordpress.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MisaBuckley
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