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Monday, January 18, 2016

I Hate Cold Season

Even worse than cold season and trying to dodge every nasty virus, is when you don't dodge fast enough, and you get sick. I've had a head cold for the past week and I'm not sure I count as a Living Person at this point. I'm a Zombie Author, even more so than when I don't have my beloved iron pills.

I can't wake up. I can't quite aching. I can't get this stuffy feeling out of my head and right now I'd set my hair on fire if I thought it would clear my sinuses.

Some illnesses you can work through. Broken bones and bruises, you can still think with your leg in a cast. The flu with nausea and an aversion to all foods? Not fun, and there's a high risk of dehydration, but usually your brain still operates. With this head cold I can't even read. I can't game. I can barely remember my own name.

I'm sitting here staring at the window going, yup, that's a window... for fourteen hours straight. With brief fugues brought on by fever.

At this point the only option is to appeal to the Hive Mind and ask you for a cure for a head cold. MAKE ME BETTER, PEOPLE! Bring me back to life! Give me something that will shake off this nastiness! Help!!!

What have you got?

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  1. Very sorry to hear that. We're passing it around here. First my son, then my wife, now me.

    I'd suggest lots of sleep, sleep and more sleep, but you have living alarms sharing your DNA running around, which, of course, makes it hard.