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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Impulse Buy Book of the Week: THE OLDEST TRICK by Auston Habershaw

Compiled for the first time, The Oldest Trick comprises The Iron Ring and Iron and Blood in the Saga of the Redeemed.

Tyvian Reldamar gets betrayed by his longtime partner and left for dead in a freezing river. To add insult to injury, his mysterious rescuer took it upon himself to affix Tyvian with an iron ring that prevents the wearer from any evildoing.

Revenge just got complicated.

On his quest to get even, Tyvian navigates dark conspiracies, dodges midnight assassins, and uncovers the plans of the ruthless wizard Banric Sahand. Tyvian will need to use every dirty trick in the book to avoid a painful and ignominious end, even as he learns to work with—and rely on—his motley crew of accomplices, including an adolescent pickpocket, an obese secret-monger, and a fearsome gnoll.


On the day Auston Habershaw was born, Skylab fell from the heavens. This foretold two possible
fates: supervillain or scifi/fantasy author. Fortunately he chose the latter, and spends his time imagining the could-be and the never-was rather than disintegrating the moon with his volcano laser.

Auston is the author of the Saga of the Redeemed fantasy series as well as a winner of the Writers of the Future Award (Volume 31). He has published work in Analog, Stupefying Stories, and The Sword and Laser Anthology. He lives and works in Boston, MA.

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