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Monday, July 6, 2015


I'm on draft 3 of JANE'S SHADOW and to the stage of editing where I actually minimize the pages and go hunting for gaps. That yellow highlight is a missing scene. Actually, it's a whole chunk of missing scenes that either were deleted during the second draft purge or didn't exist until I added a subplot last week.

For a book that was supposed to be with my betas and my agent on the first there are quite a few gaps.

On one hand.... YAY! I'm almost done! I can't believe how long it takes to write a decent book!

On the other hand.... HELP! I'm going to die! It's not done and it takes forever and seriously? Ten months of work and someone like me is going to read it in a couple of hours.

I always feel a bit bad about how fast I read. I know exactly how hard it is to write a book and I feel guilty I don't savor the pages and appreciate the artistry. But, then again, I plowed through the Lourve in a couple of hours when I was 13. Some art is best appreciated at high speeds, ya' know?

Wish me luck! In a few days those yellow highlights will be several pages of [SPOILERS]!

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