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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

SFR Brigade Summer Cafe - Weird Science Serves Up The Dish On Superpowers

Welcome to the SFR Brigade Summer Cafe! 

For those who aren't familiar with the SFR Brigade it is the home of some of the best science fiction romance authors on the planet. If you love your sci-fi to have more than stone faced machines shooting weird aliens you'll want to check out the SFR Brigade Library. The books are all wonderful, and because you're already here, you can enter to win some of the titles during the Summer Cafe Giveaway.

Sound fun? Great! Than let's get going. I was asked to blog about weird science because I write about superheroes and they are about as weird as science comes.

No, I take that back, all science is weird.

Science is really frikkin weird. Especially if you don't understand it. Even if you study science for decades of your life there's new, cool things being discovered every day.

Science is actually a little bit magical.

How do lights work? Well... electricity, right? We all know the basic answer, but hand a person a pile of sand and some copper wires and ask them to build a light bulb and they'll think your nuts. Most people don't think they do science, not outside the classroom. In actuality most of us do at least one form of science every day: COOKING.

Cooking is the perfect alchemy of magic and science. It's where faith and chemistry collide. Getting that souffle to rise. Keeping the cheesecake from morning. Make the perfect chocolate chip cookies... these are all the fine arts of science. You could spend a lifetime mastering these skills, or you could cheat and use the replicator from Star Trek.

What do you think? Are you old school cook-it-from-scratch or are you ready for your tech to cook you breakfast? Leave your answer in the comments and one lucky winner will be picked to receive a copy of any ebook title I have. If you have all my books the winner may pick a title by another SFR Brigade author. The winner will be picked Friday afternoon Alaska time.

Be sure to stop by the other blogs for chances to meet new authors and win more fabulous prizes!

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  1. I always find it bizarre that I could do chemistry, but fail at cooking. :/

  2. I could never get balancing chemical equations. Too many stupid rules and exceptions for me. My cooking is probably at the same level. Want a:
    Beef Wellington? Go to a restaurant
    Rack of lamb? Restaurant.
    Souffle? Better order ahead.
    Grilled cheese? As long as my George Foreman grill works.
    I'm a scrounge cook. I don't cook from scratch, I cook from rip. (Rip the box open, cook what's inside. Directions are optional.)

  3. I majored in chemistry and work with chemists. Most of the chemists I knows maintain that if you could pass organic chemistry then you can cook. The same skills are needed for both. I haven't met a chemist who said that they could not cook (provided that one actually puts their attention to it). It sounds like Pippa Jay above is the first that I have run into.